Another MoD of Russia Report for September 4, 2022…

04.09.2022 (15:00) Tu-142M3 anti-submarine airplanes from Pacific Fleet’s naval aviation destroy mock enemy’s seaborne convoy within Vostok 2022 exercise According to the plan, mock enemy’s detachment of combat ships camouflaged as auxiliary vessels was transporting systems designed for launching cruise missiles at Pacific Fleet’s infrastructure facilities.
04.09.2022 (14:00) Pacific Fleet’s missile cutters practice preparation for missile attack at mock enemy’s ship within Vostok 2022 exercise Crews of missile cutters have practice all the algorithm of launching a missile attack without practical use of missile-launching armament.
04.09.2022 (11:00) Combat ships of Russian and Chinese naval branches practice joint searching and attacking mock enemy’s submarine within Vostok 2022 exercise The role of mock enemy’s submarine was played by one of Pacific Fleet’s Varshavyanka-class submarines.
04.09.2022 (09:00) EMD army corps’ units practice anti-amphibious defence within Vostok 2022 exercise According to the plan, the mock enemy attempted to land tactical forces to Sakhalin Island using unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic countermeasures means.
04.09.2022 (07:00) EMD military police units provide order and safety at Vostok 2022 exercise Military police units have practiced blocking and detaining simulated terrorists that attempted to penetrate into Sergeyevsky training ground by a hijacked military vehicle.
04.09.2022 (06:00) EMD military medical units practice evacuating wounded personnel within Vostok 2022 exercise According to the plan, one of armoured vehicles had been exploded by a simulated anti-tank mine that resulted in wounding the driver.
04.09.2022 (05:00) EMD Uragan MRLS crews eliminate mock enemy while defending Sakhalin Island within Vostok 2022 exercise According to the plan, mock enemy’s units attempted to disembark to the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island.

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