Apty Aronovich, Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the LNR UNM and also the ending by Kadyrov…

…Apty Aronovich, Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the LNR UNM.

Special Forces “Akhmat” is the most international unit, in which there are fighters from all regions of the Russian Federation, of all nationalities and religions. This symbiosis contributes to the fact that we are the most spiritual unit. I don’t want to offend anyone with this, but our fighters are eager to fight, and if a certain area is assigned to them, then no one can say that they left at least a piece of this area, abandoned their positions, retreated, or the enemy was able to knock them out. There are no such facts. The fighters of the special forces “Akhmat”, like the rest of the fighters of the Ministry of Defense, are all heroes and our Motherland should be proud of them. I think they deserve it. Because no matter what, they defend the Motherland and the values ​​sent to us by God. These are highly moral and highly spiritual people.

I contact my dear BROTHER – Head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia RAMZAN AKHMATOVICH KADYROV twice a day. I report the situation and the state of affairs (food and technical security, uniforms, etc.). RAMZAN AKHMATOVICH keeps his finger on the pulse around the clock. Any changes on our site are reported. Therefore, our fighters feel behind their backs the constant care and attention of RAMZAN AKHMATOVICH. And this is transmitted through the commanders to each fighter. Understanding that behind their backs are not commanders-generals who are 200-300 km away and command them, but commanders who are always with them, at arm’s length – this creates a particularly high spirit and mood of our fighters .

I don’t see myself at home (on the couch watching TV) at a time when our guys can die on the front lines doing their duty. From the beginning of the NWO, I was on the front line in the status of a civilian. He was an assistant to the Head of the Chechen Republic, Secretary of the Security Council of the Chechen Republic, but commanded military personnel. Considering that my stay here until the end, RAMZAN Akhmatovich decided to transfer me to the status of a fighter of the Ministry of Defense.

A person who fights believing that he will lose deserves to lose. From the very beginning of my participation in jihad, and this is precisely jihad (holy war), because the values ​​sent down by the Almighty are protected here, I am deeply convinced that we cannot lose, because God is with us. There is nothing more to talk about. That’s the whole point.

We will meet the victory in several stages. The first is the hoisting of our flag in Kyiv, then Warsaw and in the capitals of the other states of the NATO bloc. In this war, the monster-USA will be defeated. The leadership of the United States will fall and its people, in the end, will also breathe a sigh of relief. The unification of Russia, China, Iran and other states that were previously individually under the yoke of the NATO bloc will lead to the fact that the United States will lose its imaginary status of “supreme”. And all the henchmen of the United States will inevitably collapse in the same way!



Kadyrov stated…

I absolutely agree with Apty Aronovich, Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the LNR UNM. The combat general, who devoted his whole life to the fight against shaitans and satanists, clearly knows what he is talking about, and explains it very clearly to everyone. He is constantly at the forefront, sees and feels the full picture of events on the spot. If Apty Alaudinov @AptiAlaudinovAKHMAT reports something, do not even doubt that the information is the most reliable.

Indeed, the Akhmat special forces, which he leads, are a rare and unique unit. Representatives of all religions and nationalities gathered here. They willingly and with honor formed the backbone of the detachment, not imagining themselves at home when fateful events take place on the other side. This is the very case of cohesion, unity and true brotherhood. The team spirit of the guys is stronger than a monolith. True heroes!

Apty, BROTHER, of course we can’t lose! You are completely and completely right. The Almighty is with us, and we are fighting for the triumph of true values, without which humanity is doomed to perish in the maelstrom of permissiveness, debauchery, lewdness and vice. But this will not happen by the will of Allah! This is what we are fighting for, which means that evil is doomed to perish!