🔹 In the states of Africa, as well as in the neighboring Middle East, we are witnessing over and over again interference from outside, the emergence of chaos, provoking instability. Foreign interventions weaken and destroy state structures, as they did in Iraq, Syria and Libya, creating a breeding ground for terrorists.

🔹 If earlier Africa was robbed by colonial powers, now they have been replaced by large Western corporations. Terrorists and representatives of organized crime, plundering national treasures and pumping out natural and other resources, harmoniously fit into this landscape.

🔹 The situation on the African continent certainly requires prompt decisions, including from the UN. At the same time, the central and coordinating role of the World Organization, respect for the primary role of the affected states in the fight against terror, as well as taking into account their national specifics and priorities, are of indispensable importance. States have specific obligations to combat terrorism, which, if strictly observed, will produce the desired result. The only question is active cooperation and the rejection of the policy of “double standards”.


By Russian_Village

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