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Wendy’s Burger…

Wendy’s – the world’s third-largest fast food chain – is opening its first outlets in Russia next year. To start with, Moscow and St. Petersburg will get 10 restaurants each.

We heard this on the news and I looked at Sveta and said, “Russians are going to get fat!”

Sveta thought for a few moments and agreed that she has now noticed chunky kids and adults with bellies are becoming more prevalent. She then went on thinking and said, “I see kids getting fatter from McDonald’s fried foods.” Svet then looked at me and also said, “It seems that the men in Russia now think that having a belly is good!”

This got me thinking and I found a video on Russia today about Wendy’s coming to Russia.  Everyday that I spend in Russia I see a little more America show up at the door knocking to get in…

I remember when Sveta came to America and we took a vacation to see the sights. We stopped at Shoney’s Big Boy and I treated Sveta to a breakfast buffet. Sveta could not believe the food assortment and could not believe that Americans can eat like that anytime they feel like. She said that is why we have big healthy people… 🙂

Svet and I have worked real hard at cutting the kilos off and we both are getting near our goals of our idea weights. Sveta has actually obtained her ideal weight and I am very proud of her…

But I see that Russians have gained weight in the time I have been here and that is just 4 years. Looks like the day of Russians being able to laugh at Americans for being heavy is coming to an end.

I will be honest with you. I wish that McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and now Wendy’s would just leave…

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