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20 Million Live in Poverty in Russia:
In spite of its gradual reduction, the poverty level in Russia remains extremely high. The proportion of resident living in poverty in Moscow is significantly higher than the national average. The amount of poverty may increase this year due to inflation. Raising the minimum wage has not influenced the situation.
According to the government, the minimum cost of living in the fourth quarter of last year was 4005 rubles per month, up from 3879 rubles in the third quarter. The amount of poverty in Russia dropped from 24.5 percent at the beginning of 2005 to 14.8 percent in the third quarter of last year, 14 million people fewer. That figure is today about 13.5 percent. In Moscow, the minimum cost of living in the fourth quarter of last year was 5855 rubles. According to Mosgorstat, the city statistics service, 23 percent of Muscovites live in poverty. In Moscow Region, by contrast, 10.5 percent of the population lives in poverty.

Income disparity has always been sharper in Moscow. The difference between the 10 percent richest and 10 percent poorest among the population in Moscow was a factor of 41.6 times in 2007 (compared to 41.7 times in 2006 and 38.6 times in 2005). In Russia as a whole, that difference was 16.8 times in 2007, up from 16 times in 2006.

Experts note that a portion of those living in poverty have jobs, but earn very little. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has expressed the intention of raising the minimum wage to 4330 rubles on January 1, 2009.

Wages stated are per month & even raising them to 4330 Rubles equates to $183 to $184 per month.

I think that 20 million in poverty is a very low number. I have traveled the country of Russia many times. I would say that 60 million in poverty would be a better number.

Kyle & Svet

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