Are you able to and Can you bury the dead? (Forever War)

Are you able to set back your desires for material items?

Are you willing to give up as common folks and or plebs everything that makes your life bearable?

Do you even have the attention span capable of a “Forever War”?

Kadyrov shows us that Russia is in it for the “Forever War”…

Has your country prepared for the response to its selfish actions?

Can you watch the rich get richer, as you get poorer?

Can you feel good knowing that us plebs will do without food, showers, lights and cars? What about Starbucks? Can you get through the day with no movies? No games? No social media?

War means all resources go to just that, “War”!

War means you own nothing and have nothing!

Are you so positive that your government is so correct and righteous that you will die for that government?

I could give a million examples of what a “Forever War” would mean and do to the western lifestyle. People in many parts of the world live within a forever war situation, not in the west they do not, but in the Middle East, in South America, in Africa, in Asia and so on and so on. Theses people have lived in tormented and degraded existence for their whole lives. That includes in many ways Russia, whom is a natural for western resource supplies…

Russia has made a choice due to the degrading actions of a Western Empire of Lies and Chaos forever war against it. Russia decided to stay off the bandwagon of the Empire of Satanic methods…

Are you happy that the King sits on his throne with all the resources he has and peasants live around bountifulness in the castles, in their huts of mud?

Can your infrastructure support no maintenance for a Forever War?

Is your iPhone going to be happy with no internet? Power? Was it a good thing to sell your soul for that iPhone?

Is mom and dads basement safe from bombs?

Can you run? Can you kill? Can you?

Are you sure that there is no GOD?

Do you realize and know that the “Devil” is in the details?

Are you tough? Are you hardened? Are you good at repairing things? Can you beat out a plowshare? Can you carve an arrow? Can you plant a garden? Can you accept a outhouse? No running water? Walking everywhere?

Can you make a knife? Axe? Hatchet?

Can you bury the dead?

Do you even know about anything but what your cellphone tells you?

Do you even have the attention span capable of a “Forever War”?

Can you bury the dead?


Forever is a very long time…

One thing for sure! You will lose weight…