Basic Template while the U.S. Government kicks WtR around…

Oh well!

Had to happen again soon or later. Got slaughtered by all our favorite computer attacks from the USA. Guard sheds at army posts and little obscured rooms in Washington DC and such. All pinpointed back to TSA, DHS and many more whatnot’s

I use to get upset and I use to care!

Sorry, I don’t care and attack away….obviously by this time, you should realize that I will not go away!

Two recent articles:

Oh My! Western Media Bold Faced Lied again and again (Snowden)

Well that looks bad no matter how you spin it…

Upset someone enough that they resumed a massive attack against WtR…

That tells me that I hit the nail on the head and upset some folks…

“Resistance is a sign that shows you’re going the right way” – Constance Friday

How weak the US is to try to keep messing up WtR?


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