Belarus getting ready for war and Euroscum stay outside the borders. (sent by email)

⚡The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus will use weapons if necessary.

If one of the Euroscum still thinks that no conclusions have been drawn from 2020, he is deeply mistaken.

Made, and what else. Terrorists must be destroyed. For those who don’t know, coup d’etaters are terrorists. If so, blame yourself. No one will hand over the country to you, creatures. Dig into your euroscum @ outside, if you want to go there, but don’t poke your nose at us, you Blue-eyed jealous monsters.

The President of Belarus has ordered to arm the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Ministry of Defense complied with the order.

Mass riots, if they arise, will be suppressed harshly.

For Euroscum, No one will allow the Maidan.


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