Come to Russia you can Read Some of the Signs!

While drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia. I was thinking about what use to stop me from traveling to other countries in the past. When you are in America or where ever you live, you have a comfort zone around you. What I mean by that is – The world around you is familiar to you!

I use to think that I would never travel somewhere that I could not speak the language or that other countries would not be safe. I am here to tell you that those and many other reasons are not good reasons to not travel.

I traveled extensively in America and I want to say that a lot of the world is as safe if not more so than America. Just be smart just like you do back home in a strange situation.

Not speaking the language is a hindrance but really not a trip stopper. I have discovered that most places in this world have English signs for important places and sites to see. If all you do is travel to Europe then you really will have no problems at all. In Moscow, Russia all the new signs being put up are dual language. They have the Cyrillic letters and English letters on the signs. I was noticing that our street signs at our new home in Russia are all dual language…

Besides in a few days you will be saying: Spasibo for thanks, da for yes and Het (net) for no and sound like a Russian in no time.

You know that you fit in when someone actually asks you for directions. 🙂

So traveling is cool…

Windows to Russia!
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