Could we Western Empire fruit loops give Russia (Putin) a rest in the world evil category?

It seems that countries like China, Russia, NK, Syria and Mexico (to name a few) have full knowledge of the Law & Order in the world, and as yet, since an official winner of the USA presidential election has not been declared by due process?

I still think they are flipping coins and trying to get the results they desire?

Interesting; Did they toss that coin? AP calls it, Biden Wins?

Congratulating either Trump or Biden at this point by any outside country such as China, Russia, NK and Mexico would be in violation of an normal sane legal procedure, within a normal sane country….& yes there are countries like Germany, France, Britain, Canada and surprise surprise Saudi Arabia….who are gushing like a fountain in the city square…

It is even so important to the Western Empire that they propagate propaganda the news about the lack of desire to congratulate a contested election….and they propaganda the news about the angelicness of the countries that congratulate

Look it up! There are millions of articles about shaming countries for not congratulating Biden…

And they spout anything from Love for Trump to desire to undermine Liberty and Freedoms in the Western Empire….and ~~ Putin is the #1, Big Kahuna, Mafia Leader, Most Evil Dictator driving the nasty and underhanded move of not congratulating Biden ~~ …. Why?

Because Biden is such a badass ~~ and will destroy all these nasty Western Empire hating countries and the fact that they love Trump so much is a feather in Biden’s cap….so to say… (It all, Sounds and Reads really ignorant if you have a few brain cells left to use!)

I must say “Radio Propaganda Free  Europe” (RFERL) even has 5 reasons why Putin is, well being Putin and evil as always: ~~

It is very obvious where brain cells are defunct & lacking and where those cells still function on a core level to some degree…

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway. “You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”” – Eleanor Roosevelt

You got to say “Putin” is without a doubt the single most scary person on this planet to the Western Empire of the USA/UK…

Could we “Western Empire Fruit Loops” give Russia (Putin) a rest in the world evil category?

There is hardly enough popcorn in the world to keep up with the bull…


On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that President Vladimir Putin would not congratulate Biden on winning the US presidential election until the results are confirmed. Unlike many Western leaders, Putin did not send his best wishes to the Democratic nominee once the US media called the result on Sunday.

“Anticipating your possible question about Putin’s congratulations to the US president-elect, I want to say the following: we consider it proper to wait for the official results,” Peskov said.

Source: Russia has low opinion of Joe Biden, hasn’t contacted his team & remains upset about 2016 White House ‘ugly behavior’ – Deputy FM — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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