Ugly devil! Nasty SOB and WTH?

My Sweet Pea and I walked twice yesterday…

Nice walks, tried hard to stay away from as many idiots as possible & definitely stay kilometers away from anyone sneezing and coughing. Just not worth it. I am very anti-social anyway and this is just up my ally. Go away people, I am happy with my Sweet Pea!

But since I like answers and really get testy when answers are a dime a dozen and not worth even a dime, as in the surrounding swirls of expert knowledge pertaining to King Coronavirus…

So this morning I looked around and decided that asking, “Why?” does not and will not get answered…

Why?, because no one knows anything and the ones that do? Don’t know anything anymore than you or I!

Thought of Tidbitness: Does that mean we are all geniuses?

(Tidbitness: a made up word to express tidbits of information in a happy way as in goodness, sweetness and other nice nesses!)

Okay back to what is known? Answer is, “Nothing”: As in; not a thing, not a single thing, not anything, nothing at all, nil, zero, nowt, zilch, nix, not a dicky bird, not a damn all, not a sausage, not a sweet Fanny Adams, zip, nada, not a goose egg, bupkis, nought, naught, not a bugger all and definable not a sod all in any form and or manner…

Okay; we know it is one ugly looking virus that only a mother could love!

Just try to find out any verifiable truth from any sources of authority and you will see more opinions than people have arses…

About all we are given is; mask, gloves, sanitize, hide, stay home, don’t worry be happy and die alone isolated in the hospital… Oh My!

So since no one wants to answer, “WHY?” Why the hell is everything looking so stupid and even chickens with their heads cut off have more sense and knowledge about what is going on?

I think I will ask, “What?” and or as a exclamation, “What!” as in WTH…

You know; What the hell you looking at? What do you want? What? as in I did not understand your response to my question, “Why?” – as in, “What? Do I have horns growing out of my head or something?”

How about “Coronavirus” is a SOB and WTH/WTF is going on, as “WtR” asks Why? What? What!



PS: In the mean time, I will enjoy being able to be anti-social and grouchy at the same time and get away with it as being the world normality! We all have good days and this bear loves it when anti-social and grouchiness is a society norm… ~~ Silver lining in every cloud… ~~

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A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line. Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.