Could You Imagine the Uproar if America found all this at the airport borders?

Police seized 227 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition and several kilograms of explosives at airports around Russia in 2011, a spokesperson for the Russian transport police said on Monday.

Russia has tightened security measures at airports and railway stations following a terrorist attack at the Domodedovo airport near Moscow in January 2011 which killed 37 and injured 120 people.

“During passenger preflight checks at Russian airports last year, transport police seized five kilograms of explosives, 227 firearms, more than 1,100 knives and over 78,500 rounds of ammunition,” Yelena Kolomeytseva said.

The Russian government allocated over 1.5 billion rubles ($5 mln) last year on improving security at transportation facilities around the country.

Part of the funds has been spent on the purchase of advanced video-monitoring equipment and metal detectors.

The new equipment helped police track and arrest wanted 159 criminals and prevented 165 attempts to carry highly flammable materials onto aircraft last year, Kolomeytseva said.

Could you imagine if in the US, the TSA found this kind of stuff? Your life would be more than just a living hell crossing the borders to and from America. And to top it all off, they still don’t treat you like a criminal in Russia as you pass through the borders to and from Russia. I know I do it all the time…

Windows to Russia!

PS: we are not talking about the guns we find at the Mexican border so don’t get your panties in a twist. This is stuff found when you jump on a flight to either travel across the country of fly to another country by jet or airplane. We are not talking about gun running by the American government into Mexico…