The US and the EU have just officially declared war on Iran: Do You See It?

Opinion: And now you poor US people, of course, that Obama has active the law on December 31, 2011 – the National Defense Authorization Act – will crush the aggressive in their abode to stifle affliction of any aggressive out there!

Just like China manifestly does. Looking more like me freer than you. I hope China and Russia step in to stop this lunacy!

Why is that above important? Because of what is presented to the world by the US and EU!

The US and the EU have just officially declared war on Iran. Let’s set off the alarm, ring the bell, bang the gong and lets call it what it is. They are being authoritative by not allowing Iran to sell their oil. They feel that they can tell anyone what to do! It’s a perfect anatomy of warfare! Just as history has been re-engineered as with the beginnings of WWII. Half of WWII it is about what the Americans did to the Japanese by slicing them off from oil. Now they are slicing the Iranians off from all affairs of oil. Oil accounts heavily to their GDP. They’re the third biggest oil supplier in the world. And those US senators in Washington voted a hundred to nothing to appoint sanctions on Iran by the Senate. So I accept now that Iran is activity to become the flashpoint of war, just as Japan did many years ago.

Paul Wen from China!

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