Deadly: Mongolian Snowstorms in May!


Looks like Spring is not as much fun in Mongolia…….
MOSCOW, May 28 (RIA Novosti) – At least 21 people are reported dead and 100 are missing after snowstorms battered Mongolia over the past two days, the Xinhua news agency cited the country’s emergencies officials as saying Wednesday.

Seven provinces in west and central Mongolia were hit hardest, with wind speeds reported at up to 40 meters per second. Buildings and power transmission lines have also been damaged.

Over 300 rescuers and more than 70 vehicles are involved in search and rescue operations.

Snowstorms are common in Mongolia during spring.

Update: 5-30-2008
Mongolia will observe a nationwide day of mourning on Saturday for 46 people killed in heavy snow and sandstorms that have battered the country this week, China’s Xinhua news agency reported on Friday.


How would you like to live in Mongolia and have a blizzard for Spring welcome?

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