Dear Vladimir Putin,

Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich, President of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Russia

Dear Vladimir Putin,

Who am I:

My name is Kyle David Keeton. I am a citizen of the United States of America and I have lived in Russia since October of 2006 and have done so at getting visas for all these years. I have a website at http: that has been in constant publication since before 2006. I had the pleasure of meeting a Russian woman in 2004 and after much soul searching, decided to move to Russia to live with my life partner. I have struggled all through the years to stay in Russia and have continually overcome visa, law changes and other obstacles. That is the reason for this letter to you. I am not a wealthy American, but I have means of income and Russian family support through my partner. I have never asked anything more than a visa of Russia in the past and with my partner we have succeeded to make a very good life in Russia on our own. I spend half of my time in a Russian village in the Ryazan Oblast. I own a village home by proxy through my Russian partner and we have our own flat in Korolev, Russia near Moscow, Russia. In fact all my finances are all in my partners name. That stops my country from stealing my money and they will as you now understand.

Therefore, I have come to a crossroad that it seems may be very hard to overcome due to my own governments (USA) actions toward Russia and her people. I am still on a 3 year visa in Russia until March of 2025. I have had many issues as outlined many times within my publication called “Windows to Russia” and the link is above. Details will not be expounded upon fully in this letter and any facts can be expressed later when needed. I have written religiously many years. I have found myself to be no longer wanted in the USA and have found myself threatened at my last visa run to Greece in February of 2022. I was visited by NATO MP and they informed me that if I come back again to the west, I will be arrested due to my political views that favor Russia. I had to stay silent and careful in Athens Greece during my wait period due to these threats. At the Turkey airport in Istanbul I was almost held against my wishes due to pressure from my government. It was a very hard trip and Russia allowed me back in, for which I am extremely thankful and appreciating.

Now I need to ask that I do not have to leave again, due to my situation that targets me, due to my views about Russia. My views are based on my life as I have stayed in Russia. I have lived in Moscow and I have lived many years worth of time in what I call “The Tiny Russian Village” on my website. I have tried to convey to the English world about Russia and over the years have been threatened with my life, sued by agencies from the USA and had to move my website five times to stop constant attacks against servers and such. My views about Russia are from my heart and nothing to do with any monetary bases. No one pays me to write, I write daily because I have real issues to write about and I have found that I spend most of my time defending Russia from my USA family, friends and the Government of the US.

It is simply my desire to stay in Russia and not have to be forced back to the USA. I am not a new person to come to Russia, but a person who has lived here quietly for fifteen years and that alone should tell you as to how much I love Russia and her people.

I have to leave every 90 days and I suspect that my next trip leaving will be my last, due to being forced to return unwillingly to the USA. That I want to stop from happening.

The reason for this letter:

I am asking for help. For we have no idea how to find and get things done to keep me safe in Russia. I cannot afford a lawyer of an expensive magnitude and I am far from as wealthy as many of the famous people who have received passports. Things are not cut and dry for people like me in the Russian system. I need doors opened for me to work on getting temporary residency. Then I will work at Full time Residency. My main issue is that I am allowed to stay while I work on the legalities of spending the rest of my life in Russia. I would prefer a Passport/Citizenship as many famous people from America and Europe get, yet I am not a greedy person and not famous. I at times do not understand how certain people get permission to have citizenship, yet I know they are famous, but many are not loyal to Russia and they do not live with the citizens of Russia, as I do.

I wish to just be happy in Russia with my life partner. I do not have the money to buy a passport from land ownership and or money influx into the correct system to obtain said citizenship. I am learning Russian language and I struggle with the language, I will never be a translator of any abilities, yet I have many friends in Russia. Yet, I desire to not involve anyone in Russia in my plight of being politically isolated by my country. I have a fear for my life and will find myself jailed if I go back to America.

The political issues, along with the Covid-19 issues and the consulate issues with my country as in Ukraine and getting a visa and only having the availability of consulate services now through Warsaw, Poland have made it clear that my country will soon demand that I leave Russia, that even war is on the horizon against NATO, in some form or another. I noticed today as I write this letter that the USA has demanded all citizens to leave Ukraine and Russia and I also see that Russia is working on stopping visas for unfriendly countries. My country is unfriendly and I do not hold any of the views that my government holds about Russia. As my blog stated above will show.

That is my predicament and I do not want to leave my home and my partner here in Russia. If desired she will be glad to be involved and write, do and talk to whomever she needs to. She is the reason I came to Russia. My partner came to the USA and was very disappointed in what she saw in America. She asked me to come to Russia! I came to Russia and never regretted coming here.

In 2006 I came to Russia and I have never wanted to leave then and or now. I have written about Russia in sincerity all these years and find myself against the wall, so to speak.

I humbly ask for help and have no one else to turn to.

Thank you for your time.

Respectfully yours

Kyle David Keeton


About the Author


A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line. Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.