Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of December 27, 2022 No. 961 “On the application of special economic measures in the fuel and energy sector in connection with the establishment by some foreign states of the maximum price for Russian oil and oil products”

Play Games? No oil for you…

Указ Президента Российской Федерации от 27.12.2022 № 961 “О применении специальных экономических мер в топливно-энергетической сфере в связи с установлением некоторыми иностранными государствами предельной цены на российские нефть и нефтепродукты”

PDF – 0001202212270015


By Russian_Village

A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line.

Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.