Medvedev and his 2022 New Year Predictions…

Before the new year, everyone likes to make predictions

Many exercise in futuristic hypotheses, competing in the proposal of the most unexpected and even absurd. We will also do our part.

What could happen in 2023:
1. Increasing oil prices to $150 per barrel and gas prices to $5,000 per 1,000 cubic meters. m.
2. The return of the UK to the European Union.
3. The collapse of the European Union after the return of the UK and the abolition of the circulation of the euro as the currency of the former EU.
4. Capture by Poland and Hungary of the western regions of the former Ukraine.
5. Creation of the Fourth Reich on the basis of Germany and the satellites that joined it (Poland, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, the Kyiv Republic, and other outcasts).
6. War between France and the Fourth Reich. Partition of Europe, including a new partition of Poland.
7. Separation of Northern Ireland from the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and accession to the Republic of Ireland.
8. The American Civil War, the separation of California and Texas into independent states. Creation of the union state of Texas and Mexico. The subsequent victory of Elon Musk during the US presidential election in some of the states assigned to the Republicans after the civil war.
9. Transfer of all major stock markets and financial activity from the US and Europe to Asia.
10. The collapse of the Bretton Woods financial system, including the collapse of the IMF and the World Bank. Rejection of the euro and the dollar as world reserve currencies. The return of the gold standard. Transition to the active use of digital fiat currencies.

Happy New Year to you, Anglo-Saxon friends and their happily grunting gilts!



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