✍️ Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Decree “On Approving the Fundamentals of State Policy for the Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values.”

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Traditional values ​​are moral guidelines that form the worldview of Russian citizens, passed down from generation to generation, underlying the all-Russian civic identity and a single cultural space of the country, strengthening civic unity, which have found their unique, original manifestation in the spiritual, historical and cultural development of the multinational people of Russia .

Traditional values ​​include life, dignity, human rights and freedoms, patriotism, citizenship, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its destiny, high moral ideals, a strong family, creative work, the priority of the spiritual over the material, humanism, mercy, justice, collectivism, mutual assistance and mutual respect, historical memory and continuity of generations, the unity of the peoples of Russia.

❗️ The Russian Federation considers traditional values ​​as the basis of Russian society, which makes it possible to protect and strengthen the sovereignty of Russia, ensure the unity of our multinational and multi-confessional country, save the people of Russia and develop human potential.

❌ The activities of extremist and terrorist organizations, certain mass media and mass communications, the actions of the United States of America and other unfriendly foreign states, a number of transnational corporations and foreign non-profit organizations, as well as the activities of certain organizations and individuals on the territory of Russia, pose a threat to traditional values.

🔹 The implementation of the state policy to preserve and strengthen traditional values ​​will contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the people of Russia, the preservation of the all-Russian civil identity, the development of human potential, the maintenance of civil peace and harmony in the country, the strengthening of law and order, the formation of a safe information space, the protection of Russian society from the spread destructive ideology, achieving national development goals, increasing the competitiveness and international prestige of the Russian Federation.


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