MoD of Russia Reports for November 11th, 2022…

11.11.2022 (17:30) Air defence exercise with the crews of ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet was held in South China Sea Servicemen practised a joint action algorithm to repel an air attack.
11.11.2022 (06:00) The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has published footage of combat missions by Su-30cm and Su-35c aircraft within the special military operation Russian Aerospace Forces fighter flights were carried out with missiles of various classes.
11.11.2022 (05:20) Uragan MLRS crews launch strikes at AFU positions within special military operation AFU positions are neutralised by fighting vehicles in pairs and solitarily.
11.11.2022 (05:10) Russian artillery hit AFU fortifications within special military operation While firing missions, artillerymen interact with unmanned aerial vehicle crews.

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