Elections in Abkhazia – A Big "Oops" by the European Union!

The EU has hurried out a statement to counteract the fact that they signed off on a fair and democratic election in Abkhazia:

The mission of foreign monitors that over saw the presidential election in Abkhazia said that the election met the international democratic standards. (Here comes the – Oops)

The mission admitted the election was legitimate, then it has confirmed that legitimacy by putting the statement in writing and was signed by 16 of the monitors! Of these 16 monitors was representatives from the USA, Germany and France.

The mission of foreign monitors also stated the election was held in accordance with norms of acting local electoral norms and meeting the international democratic standards in conditions of fair political competition. (Oops)

Now the EU is scrambling to counter this fact of a fair and legitimate election in Abkhazia…


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PS: Please ignore all legitimate previous statements and only concentrate on the EU statement! (Thank you!)