English Music on the Moscow Train…

If you listen to the radio in Russia you will find English songs many times playing. If you go to a McDonald’s or similar place to eat that has music playing in the background, it will 90% of the time be canned music from the Western world and in English…

But in everyday life on trains and the metro, English music is not common. So the other day Sveta got a surprise on board the train that she travels all the time. A man started to sing in English. Sveta just had to tape him because as she said, “No One can understand him…”

Sveta put this on her video blog and I had to put it here because I liked it so much. It is a hundred times better than the canned Rap music that McDonald’s plays all the time…

The people sing on the train and try to make a little money by donations. Just normally they sing in Russian… 🙂

You need to try out Sveta’s video blog. She has some great videos on it!

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