Everywhere and fresh and bountiful…

By | April 3, 2019

As you walk you will find vegetable stands, fruit stands and or veggy/fruit stands…

How about fresh milk?
Maybe fresh cut meat?
Maybe candy?
Maybe fresh baked pies?
Maybe whatever you desire?

You don’t get “SWAT RAIDED” every time you break a law and or not break the law in Moscow and or even if you sell raw food products to the peasants….peasants like raw food products and they take their own responsibility for eating them….Oh My!

This is a big city, not the countryside where the hillbillies live, but a city of millions and millions and millions. This is Moscow and we can buy fresh fruit everywhere, not just in a big chain type store, but everywhere. This is the same as in the tiny Russian Villages. Better yet, as we travel to the villages, babushka sits on the road edge and sells us what she grows…

I just snapped an image as I walked past this morning. Not open yet and thus, I will not get that evil look as I take a picture…


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