‘EYE’ in the sky is so real now…

By | May 17, 2020

Again I smile sadly this morning: We live in interesting times and we are living Orwellian Times as predicted…

Equipped with the OKO (“eye”) surveillance system, the air balloon was deployed to hover several hundred meters above the ground, allowing the servicemen to observe an area of around five square kilometers. The blimp’s prime task is to monitor the park and forest areas during the quarantine. The data gathered by the OKO system is transferred to the patrols on the ground in real time, who are then dispatched to disperse or fine the violators.

Source: ‘EYE’ in the sky: Russia’s National Guard launches BLIMP to spot Covid-19 lockdown violators… to mixed reviews (VIDEO) — RT Russia News

Big Brother is watching you and coming soon to “your” neighborhood…


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