Fast Forward to Fascism…

Fast Forward to Fascism:

The nationalist movement in Ukraine didn’t just happen. It’s been nurtured by western curators and supported by western funds. By the beginning of the Maidan, a network of neo-nazi units was already up and running. The Ukrainian government didn’t prosecute them, and there were no repercussions. Ready and able military and ‘terrorist’ units dispersed and showed up at anti-Maidan meetings in Ukrainian cities.

One of its goals was to form an ideology that would dehumanise Russians and break all ties. Initially, Russians weren’t seen as a minority in Ukraine, but the anti-Russian sentiment gradually became overwhelming. Nationalists led a campaign on social media, launching a targeted communication battle against the Russian people.

The Ukrainian nationalist movement wasn’t formed in a day; it has been building up for decades. How was it created? Learn in the premiere Fast Forward to Fascism.


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