A Few More Israel Pictures from Windows to Russia!


I pulled out some more pictures of Israel and decided to post them. These came from my little Rekam camera and I almost forgot I took them on our recent trip for a visa to Russia. Most of them are from while we took a walk around the block from where Misha and Chelita live.

Svet and I just talked about missing Israel and thinking about when we will go back….

This is Svet and Chelita!

Palm Trees Everywhere!

Posters – advertisements everywhere and they never take down the old ones? The traffic and power poles all over the city of Tel-Aviv look like big Paper Mache objects. Believe it or not there is a telephone pole under thousands of layers of paper and tons of staples. 🙂

Wonder how many years of posters are here?

Typical Small City Housing!

Grass is Hard to Grow with very little water.

Street as we walked!

Misha, Chelita and Svetlana!

Disney Characters Adorn the Fence!

Kid Taking Advantage of no Traffic!

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So lots of pictures on Israel.

Kyle & Svet

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