Final Sputnik V vaccine shot…

Running slight fever, even more joint sore all over than normal (Like a slight flu…) and blood pressure and blood sugar is messed up…..both running high!

Same as last time…

Guess I will live again?

Poor haters of WtR!

I just may live to keep writing for a few more days. 😉

Most of the people who were there the last time….(21 days, no more no less. 21 be the days you wait! No more and no less.) They showed up and got their second shot. Sveta put it at 90% showed up again. They had two lines this time….one for new first time shot and then second shot line. They even had a list and checked us off it, you know, a list of who has been naughty and who is nice, like Santa Claus! I was nice and hope to get lots of toys for Christmas? ~~

But for the rest of the day?

I will just grumble, mumble and rumble as I go through the day….see everyone tomorrow!