Friday Quote of the Day from Russia by Chris Hedges… (02-10-2012)

thuggyThe double standard approach is hard not to notice, says author and journalist Chris Hedges, who is an American journalist, author, war correspondent, and public intellectual specializing in American and Middle Eastern politics and societies. He gave this thought to Russia Today in an interview…

“If you’re our thug, you’re okay and if you’re their thug, you’re not. For all of us that have been overseas, the duplicity and hypocrisy of American foreign policy is painfully evident,”.

That sums that up sufficiently and for those who have never been out of the borders of America, then that type of awakening and enlightenment is awaiting you, if you will just leave the US and spend some quality time looking at the world as a real place. Not something that comes over the TV screen as a news flash…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!