From Russia: 24 Hour Web TV for "Russia Today"!

Windows to Russia!
I was drinking my wonderful cup of Russian Coffee and working on a new project for the website. We have finally gotten a good player and streaming set up to receive “Russia Today 24 Hour News Television”.

The Web TV player is located above. Just click on the play button. Unless it auto starts and that is causing me problems. I have all the commands but it seems to do what it wants. 🙂

Update: The player starts automatically and all you have to do is click the volume control if you desire sound. This is the only way I could get it to work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you are using Linux operating system you will just see a big Grey square, sorry unless you figure out how to get Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed you can not see it.

Repeat it requires Windows operating system and you have to have Windows Media Player 9 or higher!

Repeat if the TV Channel is not working please ensure that you have installed Windows Media Player 9+ or a higher version.

Other details

To watch sometimes you must wait from 30 to 60 seconds before it starts.

If you are using Mozilla FireFox and you can’t watch the Web TV channel please install this plugin Download the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin.

For full screen mode double click on the player. Press ESC to return to normal mode.

I hope that you all enjoy this addition to Windows to Russia!

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.