From Russia: CSTO – Unification Taken to a New Level!

Windows to Russia!
Grab a cup of coffee and do some serious reading. The Western Press has ignored this but I am here to tell you that this is a serious matter. That Military Base that America is upset about is going to be the new home to the East NATO?

CSTO news conference (Part 1)

CSTO news conference (Part 2)

CSTO – a NATO for the East?

CSTO’s rapid-reaction force will be equal of NATO’s – Medvedev

I am not going to write and make much in the way of comments about this other than the fact that the Western Governments does not take the CSTO serious. But on this side of the world the CSTO is going to be serious and the West will be caught off guard.

I wrote an article sometime back and I noticed that the CSTO was going to become the new security organization…

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