From Russia: Has North Korea Checkmated America?

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This was a very good interview from a North Korea expert, Aleksandr Vorontsov who just came back from a trip to Pyongyang, North Korea.As international concern has grown to the talk of war, stimulated by the USA and South Korea increase in Alert levels…He talks about North Korea and her people. He also says that the issue of nuclear weapons is not a hot topic with the North Koreans and they have lots of other things that are more important.

North Korea is getting ready to fire another missile that the USA says is able to possibly reach America. Looks like another scare the Americans by American Government time.

On the one side the international community must react to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions but on the other, history shows that pressure does not work in regard to North Korea, says expert Aleksandr Vorontsov.

North Korea has sure stirred up a big tough country like America…

Windows to Russia!
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