From Russia: How About a Portable Nuclear Reactor – Massed Produced!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my morning coffee and remembered an article from Russia Today that I read before bed last night. So I hunted it down and it was as good as I remembered.

Russia it seems started an Idea back in 2006 and actually broke ground (So to speak) in 2007. Then the project it seems ran into internal issues, issues that shut it down for awhile. But as all great ideas, they resurface again sooner or later. Check this article out from The Resilient Earth!

The Putin dream of floating nuclear reactors will not die out. For you see, Russia has huge plans for the Arctic and its gas and oil. These are the perfect way to power offshore and far from civilization oil and gas rigs.

Now this idea has a host of screamers and jumpers, people who think that this is a bad idea. It seems that Russia has intentions of mass producing these nuclear barges and selling them to who ever wants them. Something like 400 units by 2030. (with in reason and after ringing the Arctic with them)

Russia has been busy with her intentions about the Arctic and as I have written before, Russia has a vision to control most of the Arctic area. The world is way behind Russia in her Arctic grab. Russia has been on the move in that direction while the rest of the world is in a stagnated dream in the Middle East and their oil wars.

A crazy idea from Russia? or An idea that has promise from Russia?

Maybe we will find out in a few years…

Windows to Russia
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