From Russia: The Economy Egg Meter!

Windows to Russia!
I want to talk about the dumb way how I follow the Russian economy. I call it the Egg Meter:

First off – this idea started with me in America. I used milk and eggs to track with in the USA. The idea is to track the price every time that you buy these items. Keep it in your head or write it down, does not matter. As the price of these items go up and down, I try to notice what changes I see happening in the federal, state and local economy.

Well in Russia, I use just eggs: (grade A medium type) Today I bought eggs at 23 rubles. That is for ten eggs, not 12 like in America. Last month the high was 37 rubles. I have watched a steady drop in price for a month now. I also have seen a lot more people out and moving about, with smiles more often. Things are quieter about the global finance issues. (Milk by the way was 25 rubles, that is great. It was up to 35 rubles.)

When the eggs had reached a high of 37 rubles the people seemed to be more hidden and not as openly happy. At 37 rubles it was grumble, rumble and grumble all over. The world was coming to an end on the TV. I also get more (well maybe lots more) grouchy paying this higher price. (maybe that is why everyone seems grumpily to me. :))

Now at 23 rubles they and I still grumble but the rumble is gone. Why?

Well when you can go to the store and get a carton of 10 eggs, 1 big loaf of black bread, 1 liter of milk and a beer for under a 100 rubles. (I transplant the beer with Diet Cola.) What more do you need?

Then that could be what makes you happy… 🙂

Windows to Russia!
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PS: a 100 rubles equals about 3 dollars, give or take. What do eggs cost where you are at?