From Russia: "Olimpius Inferno" (Олимпиус Инферно)!


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Thanks to a good reader and commenter of ours. James left me an e-mail about this movie. I started to investigate about it and found out a strange truth…

Movie “Olimpius Inferno” (Олимпиус Инферно). Action Movie about Georgia-S.Ossetia War and Documentary evidence against Saakashvili:

An EU inquiry investigating the events of last summer’s conflict between Russia and Georgia is shining an unfavorable light on Mikheil Saakashvili. A secret document may just prove that the Georgian president had planned a war of aggression in South Ossetia.

08.08.08. Young entomologist from USA, Michael, and his girlfriend, Moscow journalist Yevgenia, come to South Ossetia to shoot a film about a rare species of butterflies.

But on this night the Georgian army started attacking South Ossetia and Michael’s cameras set on automatic record the beginning of the operation.

Our heroes understand that they have proof of “who dun it” in their hands, which will put an end in coming “Information War”.

But the Georgian special armed forces have also learned about it. So to inform the world about the truth, Michael and Yevgenia need to break through an Georgian occupied territory Tskhinval.

A film made by Russia, inspired by last year’s Georgia war and shot in the same style as the Bourne trilogy will be airing soon on Russia’s top television channel, a spokeswoman for the station said on Wednesday.

This the trailer for “Olympus Inferno,” the latest Russian interpretation of last August’s events, shows its two young heroes ducking gunfire, explosions, and a raging Georgian officer firing his pistol.

The film is with out a doubt going to highlight the debate between Moscow and Tbilisi about who started the five-day war over the pro-Russia region of South Ossetia, which broke away from Tbilisi in the early 1990s. Diplomatic ties between Russia and Georgia remain cut to this day.

The entire production was shot over the winter months in Georgia’s second breakaway region of Abkhazia, because its temperate climate resembled South Ossetia in summertime.

Director Igor Voloshin has said it should be seen simply as an action film about two young people who get caught up in the war.

“Debates have begun … ‘bad Russia or bad Georgias’, but I keep saying it is just a film. You should look at it as a film, as a work of art, which is what I made,” Voloshin told Reuters.

“People love buying films like Apocalypse Now, masterpieces about war in Vietnam. Hollywood masterpieces and nobody remembers that the heroes of these films invaded Vietnam and burnt it with napalm — for some reason that is forgotten.”

But he said the historical record shows clearly who was to blame for last summer’s war: “If you look at the facts of the conflict, about who started it, it was Georgia.”

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This is Hollywood Russian Style…

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