From Russia: Medvedev Slams the Brakes on Gas Transit Deal with Ukraine!

Windows to Russia!
Looks like Russia had Ukraine pegged on this signing issue. Ukraine could not sign the document with out changing the wording of the original. Ukraine also wanted statements that said that they never stole gas. Seems that Ukraine is worried about being prosecuted for stolen gas and trying to get Russia to accept the loses and keep going.

Russia’s president said on Sunday a three-party deal to resume Russian natural gas supplies to the EU via Ukraine should not be fulfilled as Kiev had added new conditions to it.

Moscow and Kiev separately signed agreements with the European Union this weekend to set up international monitoring at gas inlets and outlets in both countries. Russia said it had to receive a copy of Ukraine’s monitoring document with the EU to resume supplies.

Ukraine put forward certain demands that run counter to Russia’s position when it signed the monitoring deal with the EU, adding a handwritten note that attached an additional declaration to the document.

“Such conditions make a mockery of common sense and are a violation of agreements we reached earlier,” President Dmitry Medvedev said. “Such actions are meant to thwart the agreement to monitor the gas transits – they are blatantly provocative and destructive.”

“The text, to have it straight, provokes utter astonishment because it partially contains false statements, including a theory that Ukraine has not tapped any gas, and that all Russian gas was transited to Europe, while its other half consists of statements running contrary to the context of the agreement we signed with the European Union,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with the president. (Link)

I said in a post that Ukraine Does not Wanna Sign! Well they did “but” played the political games that all countries are so well know for!

“Stupidity and Dumbness” It seems right now that we have allot of this going around from Israel pounding the Gaza into oblivion, America trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, Europe for not stomping Ukraine into submission over the gas deliveries and Ukraine for allowing clan wars amongst the politicians to destroy the countries reputation!

Looks like European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has failed on the Kiev end?

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