From Russia: Ukraine Finally Signed The Gas Transport Papers!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my coffee and thinking about the gas issue – Did Ukraine sign yet?

Low and behold: Ukraine has signed the original papers sent to them from Russia and the EU! Now a certified copy is on there way to Russia and then Gazprom can get the gas back on.

What had upset Russia so much about the Ukraine modified version? Two of the points that Ukraine tried to sneak in was,

1. Ukraine had paid all the debts to Gazprom in full.
2. Ukraine had not stolen gas earmarked for Europe.

The flagrant fact is that Ukraine is trying to cover their back side because they have gotten themselves in trouble this time. The addition of these items to an official paper about EU gas was a mockery of the system and Russia has a right to demand that anything to do with who owed what and who stole what, was not the issue at hand.

The issue of who owes who and who stole what, is the issues coming up in the International court systems. That is why you could not have a official document on International level changing the faults and blames.

Kyle & Svet

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