From Russia: The New Obama War – Afghanistan!

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I was drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia and thinking about Obama and why he has sent 17,000 more troops into Afghanistan. I had been talking to Svet about the fact that by doing this Obama has made the Afghanistan war his war. It no longer will be the Bush failed war but the Obama failed war.

This video is an interview by Russia Today with Andrew J. Bacevich. Very intelligent man and highly educated. (Link) His views are very similar to mine and having been been in the military, I understand where he is coming from. Though his view point was from a much more lofty Colonel rank against my First Sergeant!

Andrew J. Bacevich, Sr. is a professor of international relations at Boston University and is the author of several books. Which include The American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of US Diplomacy, The New American Militarism: How Americans are Seduced by War and The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. He has been a vocal critic of the US occupation of Iraq, calling the war a impending doom of failure. He has described George W. Bush’s endorsement of such doomed wars as “immoral, illicit, and imprudent.”

Bacevich graduated from West Point in 1969 and served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War, serving in Vietnam from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1971. He retired from the service with the rank of Colonel in the early 1990s. He holds a Ph.D. in American Diplomatic History from Princeton University, and taught at West Point and Johns Hopkins University prior to joining the faculty at Boston University in 1998.

He has irrefutable credentials and makes no qualms about his feelings when associated with the Iraq or Afghanistan War. He also lost a son in combat in Iraq.

I watched this video from Russia Today three times and have to say that he makes allot of sense in what he says. America (Obama) had a chance to leave the blame on Bush’s head. So it looks like we spend the rest of our lives in Iraq and now Afghanistan will become even more of a huge endless money hole…

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PS: Tidbit of information from Windows to Russia:

The largest groups of armed forces by the USA are the 142,000 military personnel in Iraq, the 56,200 in Germany, the 33,122 in Japan, 26,339 in South Korea, 31,100 in Afghanistan and approximately 9,700 each in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Altogether, 84,488 military personnel are located in Europe, 70,719 in East Asia and the Pacific, 7,850 in North Africa, the Near East and South Asia, 2,727 are in Sub-Saharan Africa with 2,043 in the Western Hemisphere.

No wonder no one in the world likes us…