From Russia: North Korea Says, Leave Our Satellite Alone!

Windows to Russia!
I was sitting here in Russia, drinking my morning cup of coffee and reading up on the North Korean Satellite Issue! (Notice I said satellite not missile)

The new terror in the Western press is North Korea and the satellite (missile) of death. Of course Iran is still developing nuclear bombs but North Korea has over shadowed Iran in the press. Now North Korea is being threatened by Japan, USA and South Korea. They all say they will shoot that missile down.

North Korea has responded: Leave our Rocket alone it is a satellite Rocket and has nothing to do with missiles. If you shoot our Rocket down we will declare it an act of war by the USA, Japan and South Korea. Leave our rocket alone – Damn You!

I was wondering over my cup of coffee – How many countries can we fear and not like all at once?

Don’t like Mexico, the drug lords will cut your head off. Don’t like Russia, because the Mafia will rob and murder you. Don’t like Iran, because they are making a bomb (big bomb). Don’t like Iraq, because they have weapons of mass destruction (Oops). Don’t like Afghanistan, because they fight back when we try to take over their country. Don’t like North Korea, because they are launching a Rocket. Don’t like North Vietnam because they are communist. Don’t like the Gaza because they pick on Israel (Yea right). Don’t like China because they have no Human Rights. We could go on for quiet a while with the list…

So now the Western world once again threatens a country for working in a forward fashion. Here is a letter that I found by a Russia teacher who wrote to President Obama in the USA.

Lioudmila T., Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, teacher

Dear President Obama,

I have a question for you, that really bothers me. We are all convinced so much that the USA is a very democratic country. But what does exactly the word of “democracy” mean to you? Isn’t it connected with the conception of FREEDOM? If so, why does America has a problem with the choice of directions, that other countries want to go? Why does the word “socialism” sound like “plague” among Americans?

Best regards,

Lioudmila T.(Link)

Do you think Obama will ever see it? I doubt it. It was sent to Obama and printed in a Russian news source. It is a good question and one that comes from an educated person.

So think about what is happening right now:

Japan says, that they will shoot down the satellite from North Korea. America says, that they might shoot it down. South Korea says, we want it shot down and they might just do it. Everyone in the West says OMG North Korea is making a Nuclear Bomb and the delivery vehicle is this ballistic satellite carrier.

North Korea says, “Shoot down our satellite. There will be war!”

Russia says: West Go Home!

Kyle & Svet

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PS: (two thoughts)

Did you know that the United States, has 28,500 troops in South Korea – still? Looks like we like to keep about 30,000 troops in our take over countries.


If Russia is such a bad evil Empire why is it that the USA is the one behind all military threats made to other countries.