Prices Are Dropping For Staple Food Items in Moscow, Russia!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

In the last few weeks the prices of food have been dropping at the stores. I do not know if it is because they are really dropping as a whole or the stores are having to adjust down because of competition.

What I can say is that: (The food brand is what I buy on a regular basis and there are hundreds of variations available. Prices vary according to quality and brand.)

Eggs (brown) per 10 (no dozen in Russia), have gone from 37 Rubles to 25 Rubles. (1 $ = about 35 Rubles)

Flour (white plain) per kilo has dropped from 25 Rubles to 15 Rubles. (1 kilogram equals 2.2046226 pounds)

Cheese (White) from 185 Rubles per kilo to 134 Rubles per kilo.

Milk (no powder in mix) per liter from 48 to 35 Rubles. (Price is my brand that I drink – But the fall is the same across all milk brands.)

Bread per loaf from 51 to 40 Rubles. (White sliced American style) Bread Russian Black style non sliced has dropped from 15 Rubles to around 10 Rubles at this writing.

Whole Chicken from 148 Rubles per kilo to 89 Rubles per kilo. (Big drops in poultry and pork. Beef is too high!)

On and On and On, I could keep listing the drops in price. Some drops are only a few Rubles and other are huge drops.

The news press in Russia keeps saying that inflation is still terrible and prices are going to the sky and beyond.

I do not see that. Maybe the prices in Russia are going up, but prices in Moscow where I live, for the staples type of foods, are going down.

I spent a good portion of my career watching food prices, so that interests me. I still watch prices and they are going down in Moscow, Russia…

Kyle & Svet

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