From Russia: Putin the Artist, Cool!

Natalia Kurnikova, (shown next to painting) owner of a Moscow art gallery, seen after the purchase of an oil painting by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, right, sold at a charity auction in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009. The painting was bought for 37 million rubles (US $ 1.1 million). Putin painted the canvas in late December for a charity auction that exhibits works by other Russian politicians and celebrities.


Last night I dropped Svet off at the Train Station in Kiev. I have to stay in Kiev a little longer and finish our work here. Svet just sent me this note about a Putin painting…

I don’t know is the news new or old. Putin’s painting was sold 37 millions rubles = 860 thousand EURO.

Natalia Kurnikova who bought the painting said that is the first and maybe the last painting of the artist.

The money will be used to build a hospital and restore a church in St.Petersburg.

I love you!
Your svet

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