From Russia: Quote of the Day! – "Please give my liver to my father after I die!"

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A Chinese girl has stirred the hearts of China and the world. When a 14 year old girl found out that her father was dying of liver cancer, the young lady took it upon herself to create the conditions so that her father would get a liver and he would be able to live.

This has been big news all over Russia for this is the sort of thing that shows unselfish love for family. In the East family is very very important!

“I saw my daughter lying quite still, as if she were dead, with two empty bottles of pills beside her bed and a suicide note,” Cui Lan, 43, told Nanjing’s Modern Express newspaper.

The note read: “Mum, I am sorry that I could not be with you any more. Please give my liver to my father after I die.

For eleven days the young lady came in and out of her brush with death. Death decided to keep trying to take her time and time again.

Believe what you want but she has survived and will take lots of time to recover. China has taken the girl to its soul. Multiples of people have paid her hospital bills and provided comfort for the family while this has been going on. Multiples of people have offered their livers so that the father can survive.

The saddest ending to this story is that the father can not use a transplant because the cancer has spread to the rest of his body. 🙁

So as the young lady comes to grips with the realization that her Father is going to die of liver cancer. China realizes that they have a young lady who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that her father could live.

Please give my liver to my father after I die.

What would you do, at 14 years old and you found out your father was to die in a few months?

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