From Russia: Still in Ukraine but my Sweetie is Back Home!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Today I am still in Kiev, Ukraine. Svetlana is back in Moscow and I have stayed in Kiev to finish up work.

To me running around these countries is a lot like running around America from state to state. It is harder for Svet because she must have a visa for many countries. (Not Ukraine though.)

So I will be posting from the lobby of the hotel and trying to get comments caught up. I have at last count 58 comments to answer and I just answered 20 before that 58.

This does not count the hate you and die comments that are full of cuss words. The Ukraine’s got hold of me and their English only included sweet America words of endearment. 🙂

I posted all that I could and sent the others to the waste can. So If you see that you lost a comment, retype with out the explicits and I will post…

Got to go, battery is going dead and I got 3 posts and 20 comments answered. I will charge the battery and be back tonight to finish some more comments.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.