From Russia: Ukraine Allows Gas To Europe to Flow Again!


Hello,Windows to Russia!

Guess who has hot water and heat again. Me! (and Kiev)

Ukraine has gas and it sure is nice. I have spent days with no heat just like Europe and watched the news as Ukraine politicians argued and whined about Russia. The fact is Ukraine had no gas and it was getting cold here in Kiev.

Ukraine resumed transit of Russian gas to Europe at around 10am Moscow time. Gas flow through Ukraine will total 424.8 million cubic meters per day, of which 348.8 million cubic meters are destined for European consumers and 75 million cubic meters for Ukraine.

Under the terms of the latest agreement, Ukraine will pay $US 360 per 1,000 cubic meters. Should they fail to pay on time, Gazprom will switch to 100 per cent prepayment in dealing with Ukraine. (Link)

So while the world has lambasted me with multiples of unprintable comments and other nice thoughts. Russia was correct and Ukraine had to be called to the carpet so to speak.

All this hassle was to the fact that Ukraine had no gas and when Russia cut Ukraine’s gas off (due to non payment and past fees) and just kept the gas to Europe going. Ukraine had to resort to stealing the European gas. Then Ukraine shut the pipelines down and tried to blackmail Russia into giving Ukraine gas.

The last few days have been great in Ukraine. The TV stations have been burning up the airwaves with the gas issue. The biggest issue seems to be: Get rid of the Stealing Ukraine Government and get a new Government!

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