From Russia: Sunken Treasure Ship with a Soviet Past!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Seems to be the week to find underwater treasures. As I was drinking my morning cup of coffee I found this tidbit of an article.

A treasure-filled vessel discovered off the coast of Guyana may contain 10 tonnes of gold, 70 tonnes of platinum, 1 1/2 tonnes of industrial diamonds and 16 million carats of gem-quality diamonds, making it the most valuable underwater discovery ever. (Link)

Seems that this could be the largest dollar value underwater salvage job ever found. There also seems to be a blend of several countries wealth aboard this vessel. It is said that the primary cargo was mostly Soviet and the rest from Britain. This means that Russia could have a huge say in the split up of the treasure. This also means that many of the CIS countries could have a word or two to say about the treasure.

The ship Blue Baron was on its way to America from a European port, bearing cargo for the U.S. Treasury. It was intercepted near the shores of Guyana by a German submarine, which sank the Blue Baron in 250 meter deep water. The Blue Baron sank with its treasure worth approximately US$ 3.5 billion.

I say: That something of this value will be tied up in court for a very long time…

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The ship in question, the “Blue Baron”, was attacked and sunk by a German U-Boat in June 1942. Through extensive and intensive research, Sub Sea navigated through the wreckage to discover large amounts of wealth, previously unknown to the world. The ship is thought to have been carrying tons of precious metals, several thousand tons of tin and copper, all of which are presently hidden amongst the debris. The total worth of the cargo equals out to more than four billion dollars, with the tin and copper alone valued at $165 million dollars. (Link)