From Russia Today: "America- a Superpower no More!"

Windows to Russia!
Russia Today did a interview with well renown Walter Rogers, a former correspondent at CNN and a veteran of international reporting. He gives his views on what the world thinks about America and what does America have for a future since America seems to have no desire to change directions.

He gives a very good ideology about America: “America looks through Rose colored Western civilized glasses!”…

RT: Do you think that we might be on the brink of some sort of a collapse?

WR: I worked in Israel for five and a half years. That was the land of the prophets and you never make prophetic statements or prophecies. Do I think that the American republics are in danger of a collapse? No, but again, getting back to the point I made before, it is changing far more rapidly than we ever thought it could. And most Americans don’t have a clue. I think any time also that you have this concept of political correctness you have a threat to democracy. We can’t talk about this. Why not? That’s the whole purpose of free speech. You have to be able to talk. You have to be able to report. Thomas Jefferson said, and, take nothing else from our conversation if you don’t take this, he said: “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility toward every tyranny over the mind of men.” Political correctness is a tyranny that threatens the values of the Enlightenment and the American Enlightenment as well. We’re not about to collapse, but our values are under siege. (Link)

Windows to Russia!
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