Russia Today: German Author and Economist William Engdahl – Talks to Russia Today About America!

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I was drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia. I was watching another Video from Russia Today about an interview with the German author and economist William Engdahl. It is about “The end of the American Century”…

Russia Today: What are your thoughts on US President Barack Obama? Do you think he is the man to control the situation?

William Engdahl: No. To my mind, and I said this in print a year before Barack Obama became president, the American power establishment since the time at least of Abraham Lincoln, with the possible exception of John F. Kennedy, has never allowed any candidate to get near White House who they do not totally control.

We see that in the case of president Obama, so there is nothing that the Obama administration is doing to rock the boat. He is merely, if you will, a cosmetic change. How do you say – ‘old wine in a new bottle’? That’s Barack Obama. He is simply an attempt to deceive, to put the rest of the world off balance, but I think it is certainly wearing thin on the American public. They realize he has not done anything fundamental to improve the situation. He has, I think, perhaps another two or three months before he becomes, like George Bush, the most hated man in America. (Link)

I found Engdahl very intelligent and practical just like many that are coming forward now. It seems that the voice of reason is starting to be heard and the rose colored glasses are changing their color.

Lets Hope…

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