From Russia Today: Ukraine – The Banks are Suffering!

I posted an article about the banks in Ukraine. They were dropping like dead flies and seemed to be spiraling on a downward path. (Link to article!)

So over 6 months later it seems that the situation has gotten much worse and they have enacted a curtailment on withdrawing funds from the banks. Other words the runs on the banks were getting out of hand and the government has nationalized many banks and put limits on what people can withdraw. I witnessed this running on banks happening all over Kiev and it was a sad thing to see.

The last two times that I was at Kiev it was virtually impossible to get American dollars and I had to go into a special backroom at a bank and get dollars. That was only after I made a few calls and pulled strings, to assure that I could get them. The issue is that many business transactions are made only in dollars because they do not want their own money the grivna!

Russia has its banking problems just like America does and Europe, but Ukraine is at the bottom of the barrel in the banking sector and her normal people are the ones that will suffer the devastating results…

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