From Russia: A Trip To Downtown Moscow!


The other night my wife and I had to make a trip to the center of Moscow on business. We decided to take a couple of pictures. So lets start…

The first picture is inside one of the metro stations.

Next Say Goodbye to the station.
As you leave a Moscow Metro Station the underground passages almost always have all kinds of shops to buy almost anything you desire. They are like mini malls. 🙂
Eyeglasses, trinkets, glass figurines, Cd’s, flash drives, anything is available.
Food by the tons.
Now this is an issue to me: I would suggest never eating the food in a Moscow Metro. I would say that it all looks wonderful, but remember these places are closed and this food will sit at room temperature all night then be sold to unsuspecting people the next day.
You will see a sign coming up that tells the operating hours of this business. 7 am to 9 thirty pm. At the time of the picture it was 10 pm. That means this food will sit there until 7 am before being consumed. There is all kinds of things inside one of these pies and blankets as I call them. From hot dogs to cabbage to ground beef and fish!
Hours of business.
I have a suggestion for people from out of Russia – do not eat the pies at the Kiosks. I promise that the pies are delicious just make sure that you get them from a reputable source.
Like I said they have little stores just packed with everything and anything. What a great way to shop. Just watch the pies! 🙂

Well we quit taking pictures and got out to the center of Moscow. I am always amazed when I see the Red Square, it really is awe inspiring.
So we had a good trip to the center of Moscow and did not get attacked, mugged, beat up or even yelled at. (I know you have all been told that Moscow is a crime riddled area that no sane person should walk around in the day time much less night time.)

As you see from the pictures there is not very many people out and about. This is a Saturday night and Moscow is and was very calm…

Kyle & Svet

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