From Russia: The USA knew that North Korea was Testing a Nuclear Bomb!


Well here in Russia the news slowly gets interesting and what has come out now as the hours have passed following the test of a nuclear device by North Korea.

It looks like America, U.N. and South Korea knew about this test before it was to happen…

The US said that though North Korea’s actions haven’t come as a surprise after what it had Windows to Russia!been saying and doing lately, but they are a matter of grave concern to all nations.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking official from the South Korean President’s administration has claimed that North Korea warned the US authorities about the nuclear test in advance, Itar-Tass news agency reports.

The source also said that South Korean Special Services had been monitoring the test preparations: “That test was not a surprise for us as we expected it and kept an eye on the site where it was conducted.” (Link)

The rumors have it that North Korea never hid the fact that they were going to test a nuclear bomb. In fact from what I have read in the past they told South Korea some time back after it was recently condemned in the United Nations Security Council for launching what it described as a satellite test and what the US and Japan and South Korea said was a ballistic missile test. They said then, that they would test another nuclear bomb…

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened Wednesday to conduct nuclear and missile tests unless the U.N. apologizes for criticizing its April 5 rocket launch, dramatically raising its stake in the worsening standoff over its atomic programs. (Link)

The United Nations never apologized and North Korea did what they said they would do…

So why all the fuss and games?

To stir up a hornets nest, that is why…

Windows to Russia!
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PS: Looks like North Korea even hollered at the Americans before setting off the bomb: A USA official in Washington, who spoke to Reuters news agency on condition of anonymity, said Pyongyang had given less than an hour’s notice of the test, and had made no demands. (So America did know and even was given a heads up just before N.C. hit the button.)

Who is hiding things?