From Russia the World is Looking Like a Big Mess!

Here in Russia we have been taking a nice break from the normal routine. Russia has been in her New Years Holidays and tomorrow the 7th of January is Orthodox Christmas time here in Russia! So in Russia things have been looking wonderful and a beautiful holiday spirit is everywhere…

But as we look out of the “Window from Russia” we see an interesting world that seems to have gone a lot off the deep end. We have, total uncontrolled chaos about the Christmas Airline Bomber. – We have, a new war starting to take shape in Yemen. – We have, Belarus playing games with oil. – We have Ukraine starting her issues with gas. – We have a shortage of fuel in Europe, because of the tremendous cold wave. – We have, an increase in drone bombings in Pakistan, Afghanistan and now Yemen. – We have, full body scanners being installed in International Airports all over the world. – We have, Obama trying to lay a blame game on issues that seems to be dragging America into a deep cesspool. – We have,the UN handing out a report that the Afghanistan war is “teetering on the edge of a chasm”. – We have, … (About a hundred more things to say but it has depressed us enough!)

But hey, it is Christmas in Russia so Svet and I are enjoying life as best we can. I decided to ignore the world for a few days and may ignore a few more days after reading all the doomsday reports from the Western Press!

So Merry Orthodox Christmas From Windows to Russia!

Windows to Russia!
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Picture was taken from our car window in Vladimir, Russia!