“Ukraine’s Naftogaz cannot pay for Russian gas”!

“Ukraine’s Naftogaz cannot pay for Russian gas” – president – RT Top Stories: “Ukraine’s president has said that the country’s gas giant Naftogaz has no money to pay for Russia’s natural gas delivered in December. The sum of the payment comes to $892 million.

Viktor Yushchenko has asked Vladimir Stelmakh, the head of the Ukraine’s national bank (Natsbank), to help solve the problem with paying for the Russian gas.

“Due to a critical situation with the Russian gas payments, I ask the Natsbank board to meet urgently and find the way to solve the problem through the mechanism of repurchase of Ukrainian government securities,” Yushchenko was quoted by Itar-Tass news agency as saying.”

So do we have big issues coming up again on gas delivery to Europe?

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